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Therefore, the most obvious way to use DSL expressions is instantiation of some complex objects. For example, imagine we are writing a library for graph manipulation, so we define classes like {{Graph}}, {{Node}}, and {{Edge}}. See [|^Graphs.html] [^]
And imagine that we need to instantiate some graphs for our tests, so we write the code like this:
The source code of DSL plugin can be found [here|^].

So I thought - nice feature, but rarely needed, also the compiler API operates on a quite low-level, so that even simple constructor invocation requires too many code.
Uh, after looking at the source of GraphDsl, the question is - why do we want to write DSL plugins? The same task can be fairly easy implemented in simple static method like {{Graph.fromStr}}. Why anyone want to use heavy low-level Compiler API? The benefit like compile-time validation and generation of compile error on a bad line seems to be too small, almost negligible.
That's what I thought when saw Fantom DSLs for a first time, and then forgot about them almost for a year.

h3. Beyond the DSL src