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It is to be a client-server application, where the Host exposes its screen and plays as a chat server, and the Client is a web application that shows what the server exposes and also allows to send/receive short messages.

*The exact feature list and UI is up to you to decide, minimal requirements would be:*

* multiple simultaneous clients
* a single global "chat room" accessible without authentication
* newly connected clients are not required to receive any chat history
* Host should be informed about clients connected/disconnected
* host is to know how many clients are connected

*Some optional features:*

* Every individual client it should be a floating window in server to display a user mouse movements over screen in web application.
* Implement a file sharing between Host and Clients.

Consider this as a real open source project you'd publish. Think of MVP and invest in quality rather than additional functionality. A product should be seen as something that is a pleasure to use.