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The task is to develop a client-server application for browsing and managing a remote file system.

Minimal set of requirements:

0. Client must be implement as an Eclipse plugin.
1. Support for adding and removing servers.
2. Browsing folders and files as a tree.
3. Opening Eclipse-supported files in the corresponding editor (at least in read-only mode).

Bonus requirements:

4. Creating and deleting files.
5. Drag&Drop moving files between folders.
6. File renaming.
7. Sync of remote file sub-tree with a local folder.
8. Export/import of files and folder from local system into remote system.

9. Support for editing remote files in the corresponding editor.

10. Implementation of your own server/protocol is a bonus, but you may just use SSH server.

For client-side you can use any language on which you can write Eclipse plugin. For server-side you can use any language of your preference.

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